Enhanced workers’ rights in jeopardy

Workers are no doubt left reeling this morning having heard IBEC’s call not to introduce legislation to prevent another Clerys or to end  zero hrs and precarious working conditions. Four days out from a strike in TESCO’s against reduced contract terms and conditions, I am appalled that IBEC considers legislation that would enhance workers’ rights and provide them with greater security ‘draconian’ and ‘unnecessary’.
Labour in government commissioned two specific reports: one examining company law, as a result of the Clerys take over, to prevent companies being flipped and workers left on the streets and the other an investigation into the prevalence of zero-hour contracts and precarious working conditions. The recommendations in these reports were intended to be implemented, not be left on a shelf.
The government’s response to IBEC will test its commitment to a social recovery and therefore call on the new  Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD, to assure workers that this government will stand up for their rights.

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