My Council record

Council work can be hard to quantify and often it’s difficult to see tangible evidence or visible changes resulting from our work. Here I’ve tried to summarise some of the issues I’ve worked on for the last five years on Dublin City Council (2014 – 2019)

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I am a member of the Dublin City Council Strategic Policy Committee on Housing. I am passionate about and consistently fly the flag for sustainable community development – that new housing developments are well planned and fit with the local community, that green spaces are well-maintained and used by all ages, that local business and recreation spaces and activities are provided/supported by Dublin City Council and that good public transport and traffic management systems put in place.

Above: In a Council meeting calling on Council to develop an ambitious traffic infrastructure and connectivity plan for the Oscar Traynor Road Land Initiative site and environs


As Chairperson of the Special Committee for Fire/Ambulance Services and Emergency Management, I fully support the full resourcing and funding of Dublin Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service. I am determined that this essential and effective service to us is enhanced and supported to meet our city’s capacity demands.




I work closely with colleagues on local issues. For example, Cllr Andrew Montegue (opposite) and myself held several Bus Connects meetings to outline proposals for new routes and the Swords to City Centre Core Bus Corridor.



Here’s a snapshot of what me and my Labour colleagues have achieved across the last 5 years and some projects I’l like to realise in my local area over the next 5



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