About me …..


I’m a former primary teacher and now a full time trade union official with the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation. I am also an active member of the Labour Party and a Dublin City Labour Councillor representing my local area of Beaumont-Donaghmede. I’ve lived in this area for almost 20 years and am aware of the need to ensure that it is well served and supported.

I believe in actively participating in and contributing positively to local community and national issues – walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. My underpinning philosophy is one of social and economic equality where all citizens’ rights are respected. However, with rights come responsibility, a responsibility to ensure that we do our utmost to uphold these rights, hence my involvement in trade unionism and politics.

Play the videos below to learn a little more about me and about how/why I got involved in politics.

Why I got involved in politics


Being active first began as a teacher in Our Lady Immaculate SNS in Darndale where, through the INTO, I called for better, more targetted resources and services for disadvantaged DEIS schools. Since then, I’ve engaged with campaigns that promote a better fairer way, a way that supports all citizens socially and economically and that seek the realisation of the right of every single individual to live with dignity and realise his/her full potential.

My work in INTO mostly  involves developing  professional development courses for primary schools and primary teachers. These courses  are designed by teachers for teachers and support good teaching and learning. One of the most enjoyable parts of my work is filming teachers in their classrooms showing and explaining how they teach.

Politically, I joined the Labour Party because it matches my values – a progressive equal society underpinned by a strong economy with decent jobs. With my right to have my voice heard comes the responsibility of representing the voices of others and stiving a better fairer Ireland.

Through this blog/site I hope you can get to know me and what I stand for a little better.

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