The word Vote on a red ballot box for collecting votes and ballo

Voting is a democratic process and one we should not take for granted. Obviously every candidate wants every person he/she meets to vote for him/her. I am no different, every vote counts.

To me, your vote is a entrusted gift. It is a partnership of respect and representation, a commitment to work together to enhance the services and amenities in our local area.

Are you registered?

However, if you are not registered, you do not have a vote. You can check if you are registered here.

Getting onto the register

If you are not on the register you can apply before 5pm on Tue 6th May. See HERE for details. You’ll need to complete the form, attach a photo, get a Garda to sign it and deliver it in person or post it to Dublin City Council Franchise Section, Block 4, Floor 1, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8. This will enable you to  be placed on the supplementary register and will be able to vote on Friday 23rd May in both the local and the European Elections.

If you are registered to vote in another area you can use a similar process to change you address and vote to where you currently live. Details in the above link


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