4 weeks to ‘V’ day



It’s now quite obvious that there is an election coming up. Posters have gone up all over the place, mine included. It is quite of strange to see my face up poles across my local area. Some people love them, others detest them. To me they are a necessary element in bringing all candidates to everyone’s attention. Mixed in among them are posters for those candidates standing in the European elections being held on the same day, May 23rd. This includes the Labour candidate and current MEP for Dublin, Emer Costelloe.

My big focus over the next 4 weeks is to meet as many local people as possible. Meeting everyone will be impossible hence the custom of candidates dropping literature giving details about themselves and blogs like this one where I hope you get a sense of who I am, what I’m like and what I stand for.

In the media

Another way of bringing attention to candidates is local and national media. This week I spoke with RTE’s Cian McCormack for a piece he was doing on local elections around the country. His focus for this piece was Darndale, where I used to teach. It will air on RTE Radio 1’s Morning Ireland on Monday morning, April 28th.

This Sunday, 27th April, I will form part of a panel on NEAR FM’s Making Waves programme from 12 – 1 pm.

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