3 weeks to ‘V’ day



It’s almost 3 months since I was selected to run as a Labour Party candidate in the local elections. Now, it’s only 3 weeks to polling day. Neither I, nor my running mate, Cllr Brian McDowell, can believe it!

This week all local election candidates running for Dublin City Council had to formally register. This basically means going through a process whereby you get your name (and identifying photo) on the ballot paper for your particular election area. In my case this is Beaumont – Donaghmede. It is one of the bigger local election areas. There are 9 seats to be decided. The area ranges from the top of Kilmore/Coolock Lane, enclosed by the N32 on one side and Skelly’s Lane on the other, all the way to the sea down by Donaghmede.  The best indication of whether or not you live in this area is the allocation of posters.


The registration process is pretty straight forward – you fill in a form: name, address, occupation, party affiliation (if any) and provide evidence of identity and a recent photo (this will be used on the ballot paper as an identifier and is generally the same as the one used on candidates’ election posters). This form is then approved by the returning officer and ‘processed’. For Dublin City Council candidates you attend in person to register in Dublin City Council Civic Offices on Wood Quay – my first time inside the building.

I registered yesterday, May Day, May 1st.  I felt it particularly relevant that my registration slot was allocated to on May Day as it re-enforced both the personal and political connection I have with the labour movement.

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