Good news for Greendale Court Residents

I’m delighted to learn today that funding has been secured from Minister Alan Kelly and the Department of the Environment and Local Government to refurbish the second block of the Greendale Court Senior Citizen’s Complex, Kilbarrack. The conversion of bedsits into one bed units in the first block in this complex is almost compete with residents moving in next month – 32 bedsits have been converted onto 16 one-bed units. The remaining block consists of 31 bedsits and this will deliver 15 one-bed units.

Concerns arose when it came to allocating residents to the newly refurbished block, all the residents wanted to stay together in their supported community – the only way to accommodate everyone was to have both blocks refurbished. Dublin City Council wrote to Minister Alan Kelly some months ago seeking release of funding for the project and I followed up with him last week.  Refurbishing both blocks will allow all residents to retain their community spirit and enjoy a more dignified and spacious living space.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.12.20

Aerial view of Greendale Court – the refurbishment of the block on the right is almost complete, funding has now been secured for the refurbishment of the block on the left

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