Why vote No 1 Ged Nash in #Seanad16

As those who regularly read my blog know, a core focus of my political and working life is workers’ rights and workplace conditions. Since the last election life has got better for many of these workers thanks to the Labour Party in government and in particular the work of the previous Minister of State for  Business & Employment at the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Ged Nash.

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During his short tenure Ged achieved significant changes for workers:

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Ged meeting Clerys’ workers vis TheJournal.ie

What is significant in these achievements is how he navigated the political divide between himself and his Fine Gael counterpart Mins Richard Bruton. The difference in ideology  between the two parties when it comes to workers’ rights is highlighted in each party’s response to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions’ Charter for Fair Conditions at Work , which contains a commitment to collective bargaining and the living wage.  Without hesitation, all Labour Party deputies signed while only 7 FG deputies did. Yet, despite this and despite the fact that the Labour Party was in a 1:2minority, Ged was successful in advancing workers’ rights.

Seanad Labour Panel

Like many other workers and trade unionists, I was deeply upset when Ged lost his seat in the recent election. I couldn’t believe that his pro workers’ rights voice would not be present in the next Dáil. However, his nomination by ICTU onto the Labour Panel of the Seanad gives me great hope that his strong representative voice will be present.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 14.59.15

Therefore, if you are a current TD, outgoing Senator, City or  County Councillors (or indeed you know one) and you want a pro-active, determined and challenging Senator committed to enhancing and progressing workers’ rights you need to vote No 1 for Ged Nash on the Labour Panel in the current #Seanad16 elections.

Other Labour Candidates in #Seanad16

Other Labour candidates with a similar calibre to Ged’s that I would also ask you to consider are:


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