Another funding boost for social housing


Discussing social housing issues in Darndale with Minister Jan O’Sullivan and Councillor Brian McDowell

Social housing is probably one of the most concerning on the ground national and local issues. It is effecting not only those who are in need of a home as a result of unemployment but also those who could be now termed the ‘working poor’ – those who are working but whose wages are inadequate to support their families and are dependant on family income supplement. It is my view, an associated issue here is wage levels and the need for a debate on a living wage. However, I’ll leave further discussion on that one for another day.

Today, Minister Jan O’Sullivan announced a further investment in the social housing capital building fund from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. This investment will make yet another small difference

The additional €50m will be allocated to the following initiatives, with the vast majority of spend to be completed in 2014.

  • An additional €20m to bring long-term vacant units back into beneficial use.  This is in addition to the €15m the Minister announced in April;
  • An additional €20m for the construction of mainstream social housing in local authorities with the largest housing need.  This is in addition to the €68m investment the Minister announced in March;
  • A €10m boost to funding for people with a special housing need, with a particular focus on the construction and refurbishment of units for people who are homeless.

Click here for further details.

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