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Great news for Belmayne residents!

This afternoon I presented a motion to the North Central Area Committee meeting to make available to local residents the DCC owned land in front of the Belmayne estate. The motion was unanimously passed.


Green area show land that will now be opened to Belmayne Residents

While this land forms part of DCC’s strategic land bank, there are no plans to develop it in the near future. It is regularly maintained, fenced off and secure and is a ready made playing field for local children and young people.

Belmayne is an unfinished estate with only one small playing area for younger children but nothing for older children and teens. Local residents have been crying out for facilities within the estate, somewhere nearby where children and young teens can kick a ball around and still be within view of home.

Dublin City Council is waiting on the estate developer who is in NAMA to finish off the estate before it can take it in charge – this situation has been dragging on for several years and is causing huge frustration amongst residents. Making this small piece of land available positively supports Belmayne parents and young people’.

Motion Successful

The motion was unanimously passed at this afternoon’s North Central Area meeting.

This success shows the positive outcome of local Residents’ Associations and a public representative working together to resolve local issues. I would like to commend its chairperson, Michelle McGoldrick, in pushing to get this amenity for her community. Thanks to her & other local residents this local recreational need has been achieved!


That Dublin City Council make available and open temporarily to the residents of Belmayne the DCC owned land in front of Belmayne Estate bordered by the Malahide Rd. This area of land is flat, it is well fenced off and secure and is maintained by the Housing Department of the DCC. While the area forms part of DCC strategic landbank for future housing development no such plans for development are in place. The residents of Belmayne are currently suffering form the impact of an unfinished estate with very few green areas for children and older teens to play in. This well-maintained area would provide a ready-made secure green space for such recreational activity adjacent to the estate and within a view of many parents living in the estate until such time development begins on the land.

Interview on issue

Thanks to our local community radio Near Fm for picking up and highlighting this issue. Here’s the podcast of the interview they did with me 


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