Renting and Worried about Losing your Home? 


We all know there is an housing crisis and while steps are being taken to ameliorate the situation many people are living in fear that they will become homeless at the whim of their landlord. Both tenants and landlords have rights and responsibilities. Landlords cannot ask tenants to leave on a whim. If you are in a situation whereby you fear this please free phone 1800 454 454 and avail of the new local authority/Threshold support service. This service with assess your needs and take initial steps within 24 hrs. For more see

The service will also support you if you have a dispute with your landlord. If you are in receipt of Rent Supplement from the Department of Social Welfare the service may enable you to be provided with additional support (allowance) for an emergency period.

Please share

Please share the following information as widely as possible. Many tenants are not aware of their rights and many landlords may seek to surreptitiously end a tenancy agreement so as to avail of increasing rents due to increasing demand. This results in many tenants unnecessarily losing their home.

Prevention Leaflets

If you are a community organisation in my local area and would like some of the prevention leaflets to distribute please contact me and I’ll send them out to you.

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