D Day

My count was adjourned late last night. There was a small difference between the tally and the first count with regard to first preferences: 871 in the end and 11th placed out of 18 for 9 seats. To be honest for a short campaign with a relatively unknown candidate running for the Labour Party in the current circumstances it was a remarkable turn out. I’m proud of the the result and sincerely appreciative of each and every person who placed their trust in me and gave me their first preference.


We are now going to start eliminating the lowest candidates and it will all be to play for on the transfers. The pic above shows the transfers from the last surplus (in pen). Am heading over now to the RDS for what will no doubt be a long tense day. However, come what may, this has been an amazing journey. I’ve had a most fabulous team supporting me, without them I would not have been able to get to my destination.

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  1. pauline mc adams

    very proud that i was able to help you a little bit, you’ll be great councillor hopefully

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