Laurence Lands Survey Responses

Alison - Laurence Lands Survey 

Last month I started a survey to ascertain local residents’ views on the potential use of the Laurence Lands. These lands are currently vacant lands owned by Dublin City Council on the Oscar Traynor Rd. backing on to the Castletimon Estate. I greatly appreciate the time taken by over 150 residents, many of whom I met in person, to respond to the survey.

Use of land

The overwhelming majority of respondents (almost 90%) would prefer that the land should be maintained for community use. There was a wide range of suggestions regarding the potential use of the land, these included a playground, fitness circuit, a park, a community centre and a basketball court. It was also indicated that the potential expansion of Gaelscoil Cholmcille be taken into consideration

Age group in need of amenities

It also appears that teenagers are the age group most in need of local amenities with almost 60% of respondents indicating this. Other age groups in need of amenities were young families and children. This would indicate that a mix of amenities should be considered.

Starting point

There was a consensus amongst respondents, that regardless of what the land be used for in the future, it should be better lit and better maintained, particularly the path, than it is at present. This suggests our initial starting point going forward.

Where to now

I am in the process of compiling all the survey data I received into a short report and will send it onto the Area Manager in Dublin City Council for his consideration. I have also included this feedback in a letter which I am presently dropping into local residents’ letterboxes

Thank you!

Thanks to all the local residents who engaged with me and my team on this issue. It is important that your voice on what you want for your local community is taken into consideration and heard.


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